Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rarawa to Tapotupotu

As we continued North towards Cape Reinga, the north point, we stopped for one night at Rarawa campground.  It was nice, set back from the beach amongst the pine trees with a beautiful bright white sand beach with sand that squeaked under your feet.  Then, continuing north, we stopped at the last camp on the east coast, Tapotupotu (Tapo-tu-potu).  It was glorious, with the bay facing north, we surfed some real nice waves off to the left side, then set up our camp.  The next day we Hiked from Tapotupotu  to Cape Reinga. We had breathtaking views the entire way.  Cape Reinga is a very sacred place for Maori, it is said to be the place from where the spirit leaves to the "underworld".  Geographically it is also the meeting point of the Pacific Ocean (east) and the Tasman Sea (west).  After stopping for lunch at  the sandy bay one valley in, we returned back to the camp, fixed dinner, and were rewarded with an unbelievable sunset, it had also been Christmas day.

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  1. These are the most beautiful pictures so far!! The sunset is unbelieveable. We have not seen any green at all in Boston for a long time!!

    We love you.