Thursday, April 7, 2011

Coromandel - Coromandel Gold

Coromandel was a land of beauty, full of magnificent beaches, which we diligently checked out nearly every day. We worked for a lovely family, on their home family farm, growing organic fruits and vegetables that were outstandingly delicious and full of flavour. They sold their produce themselves at the town's saturday farmer's market as well as directly to gourmet local restaurants as they were the premier organic vegetables in the happening town of Whitianga. These gourmet vege's they were selling to the restaurants included several varieties of tomatoes, endive, red and green onions, handpicked salad mix, as well as courgette (zuccini) flowers which two competing restaurants both had on their menus and stuffed with their own preparation of goat cheese and herbs. On our last night in Whitianga, we were treated with another unbelievable sunset, which was locally named Coromandel Gold after one of the region's best homegrown Herbs!

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