Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Barrier to Byron

February 2012
Some time has passed since my last post.  These past few months have been some of the best of my time, here in New Zealand, and my Life, since I graduated from college a few years ago.  I find myself once again on Great Barrier Island, which is truly a peace of paradise for me.  All that is Pure and True is paramount here on The Barrier, where the views around every corner are of the utmost magnificence.  Pursuits of Land and Sea allow us to focus on the Natural World, bringing you closer to Mother Nature.  Only what is necessary in Life will you find here, the frills, intricacies, luxuries to which we have become accustomed, and even some of their complexities have been stripped away.  And what is left is a Life of simplicity, of living amongst Nature, of feeding from Land and Sea, of a rich sense of Community, of belonging to The World, and Being, and Living in it's crown Gem.  

Here are some views of Okiwi Valley which was Home for me the past few months

These night shots and panoramas were taken on a new 'Sony-alpha-nex' camera that was given to me as a gift from my Family when they came to visit in November.

This is "The Shack", a place of respite from the sun we built entirely from locally sourced materials (Manuka wood posts, Flax tie-downs, and Ni Kau frond Screen) 

The Mighty Orion in all his Glory. The balance of symmetry is astounding.

Ni Kau Palm Standing Strong
Full Moon in Okiwi

Sunset in Harataonga.  This was taken when The Parker Family came to visit us, we all had an amazing time and we got to do some fishing as well.

This is Soul and Maia, we got to teach them Free-diving and the Art of Spearfishing, as well as Surf lessons and had some fun trips to near-by Waterfalls.

Also here are Local kids, Billy and Amy.  Billy LOVES Michael Jackson.

     My most esteemed endeavor in my Life thus far has been in my Surfing.  Surfing is something that unlike many other water activities hasn't come easy for me, or maybe it has.  Because of the difficulties and history of injury with my left shoulder, I was not able to begin to learn to ride a Surfboard right away.  Instead, I learned to surf by riding a Bodyboard.  In some circles, especially in New Zealand, Bodyboarding is seen as Surfing's "little brother", inferior, and even in some extreme cases not deemed the same respect as that of its vertically standing wave riding brethren.  This was mentally difficult for me as I knew that I would be able to ride a surfboard, if I could only regain the full use of my shoulder.  And thus after much training and practice riding a bodyboard, and through the power of visualization, manifestation, and Spiritual Healing I was able to overcome my difficulties, stand up on a board, and Ride the Wave.  And while most beginning Surfers can take a while to gain confidence and ability, I progressed at a quickened pace, due to my Bodyboarding experience. All this happening in the place where I found myself totally captured by the beauty and wonderment of the World.  It was a truly incredible experience.

At the end of my time on Great Barrier and in New Zealand, I got to spend time with my Lifelong friends The Nardella Family.  We had an amazing time camping out, going fishing, jumping off waterfalls, and just being together.  These photos are from our last night together and my last night in New Zealand after Fifteen Amazing Months.

March 2012
I now find myself in Byron Bay, a small Surf town on the Eastern coast of Australia, known for its good Surf, warm waters, relaxed vibe, and free-thinking, ecologically, and Spiritually minded community.  I have only been here a couple weeks, and already I am totally Loving the place.  I have moved into a Yoga retreat, bought a bike, and a sweet 7'4'' Surfboard made by a local Byron Bay shaper, biking to the beach in the mornings to Surf, then come back and practice Yoga and Meditation.  It's really a lot of fun, and I am fully enjoying myself.   I will have more words and photos to come as I spend more time getting to know the people and the place.  Much Love.


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