Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Barrier

Tomorrow, Tim and I will be taking a Ferry to Great Barrier Island.  Equipped with two-person Kayak, Camping gear, Surfboard/BodyBoard, Spear-Fishing, Fly-Fishing, and Surf Cast Fishing gear, as well as enough food to last us a while and to supplement the Fish we will be catching we will be headed out to camp, explore, and experience The Barrier for a whole month.  Should be Fun! As I will be out in the wilderness I wont be able to make any Blog posts until I get back to NZ mainland so please be patient!  As always please feel free to make any comments on the Blog or send any feedback to me personally at  Cheers!


  1. Aaron, my love - I am in Boston for your mother's birthday and am looking at your fantastic photography of the gorgeous scenery. I wish you were here so we could all be together to wish your mother a happy birthday, but envy you this most wonderful opportunity in your life. I love you very much and am grateful to see photos of the beautiful land where you are traveling. Nanny

  2. Dear Aaron - I hope that your day goes well. I saw some pictures and they were good. I love you. I had fun at the fire station with Matt and had fun skiing too.