Saturday, March 26, 2011

Taurranga - Surfing The Mount

It just so happened that we came to stay at The Mount during the week of the biggest summer swell. We Surfed the Mount Manganui beaches everyday we were there, it was pumping. Twice, we got to travel by boat to nearby Matakana Island to get after some early morning un-crowded waves with our Friend Vinnie whit whom we were staying as well as wife Kim, and daughters Olivia and Maya. They are fortunate to get to live in a large and beautiful house on the beach and were delighted to have us come and stay with them. We really enjoyed the accommodation as well as playing, singing, dancing, and having swimming races in the pool with the girls and their cousins and friends. Everyone we met there was so incredibly nice and fully supported our traveling mind-set. At the end of our time with them, Kim and Vinnie offered to let Tim and I take their two-person ocean kayak with us on our next adventures. We were stoked and happily accepted their offer as we were hoping to have access to a kayak at our next destinations, Coromandel, Great Barrier Island, and Waiheke Island. So, with our gear "all sussed out" we departed to The Coromandel with plans to return to The Mount!

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